Our Team


This is the Roots Nursery School team here in the UK and in the Gambia, who provide strategic and operational leadership. They set goals, develop our strategy and ensure it is executed effectively.



Mark Mardlin - Founder, Trustee & Secretary

Marks career to date has been construction and sales and not teaching as is often assumed. Mark visits Gambia twice a year to carry out our projects with the Gambian team.  14 years in and he is just as passionate and excited as he was on day one and looking forward to the next 14 years!


Charles Errington – Trustee

Charles brings with him many years of experience in banking and IT which has served him well in his role.  Charles has since moved to the country where he breeds pedigree Labradors and runs a kennels and has never been happier.


Myron Bartlett – Trustee

Myron comes from a retail and insurance background where is he is working towards a very well deserved promotion. He is a keen photographer and fan of anything with a microchip and plug. Myron is also very knowledgeable with photoshop which has proved invaluable with the childrens school photos.


Bobby Bajwa - Treasurer

Bobby is a qualified accountant and has spent many years working in various finance roles across both the public and private sector, including thirteen years at Oxford Brookes University, initially as a management accountant and progressing to Systems Accountant for the last ten years.


The Gambia

Mankamang Sanneh – Local Liaison

Mr Everything.  Mankamang has been with us for 10 years. Mankamang is invaluable to us as his local knowledge and contacts are second to none and he always thinks of ways around hurdles when we come against them. He represents us with professionalism, reliability and integrity. He always calls Mark his boss but we all know his wife Binta is the boss.


Bernadette Gibba – Teacher

Bernadette has taught at the Roots Nursery School in Nemakunku for 3 years now and is a resident of the village.  This is her first teaching post and although untrained she is very popular with both the pupils and their parents. Bernadettes goal is to become a trained teacher and she would like to enrol on a 3 year teacher training course at the Brikama College.